James Firth

Managing Director
t: 01484 405 940
m: 07786 328469
e: James@firth-steels.co.uk
s: James_T_Firth
Current Responsibilities
Overall running of the company. 
Strategic direction of the company.
Financial & manufacturing systems improvement.
Innovation & product placement.
Head buyer of steel products for manufacturing

The true cost of doing something in a half-hearted, half-costed approach is far greater than the difference in the price of doing it properly in the first place.


Roger Firth

t: 01484 405940
m: 07595 024053
e: Roger@firth-steels.co.uk
Current Responsibilities
Overhead Management
Steel Market Structure Knowledge
Export Steel Sales Links
Corporate Finance
Strategic Support for MD
Export Sales & Buying
Spring Steel Sales & Buying


I still find it fascinating & rewarding that new and existing customers, no matter what side of the world they are on, still love to deal with us for their steel products. 


Steve Booth

Operations Director
t: 01484 405940
m: 07595 024055
e: Steve@firth-steels.co.uk
s: Steve_booth_fsl
Current Responsibilities
Steel Profile Design
Manufacturing at Speed Design
Ergonomics for Efficiency
Profile Quality Control
Overall Responsibility for Shop floor & Operations
Logistics Optimisation

After all the hard work, when the finished equipment is up and running and the product comes off the line, the satisfaction is immense


Scott Wall

Commercial Director
t: 01484 405940
m: 07467 917962
e: Scott@firth-steels.co.uk
s: scott.aj.wall
Current responsibilities
Roofing project requirements analysisʉ۬
Roofing customer queries & liaison

Roofing & cladding technical support.
Product development / sourcing
Sales team management
Product promotion
Innovation and customer focus is key. We work hard to make sure your experience is seamless. 

Sam Hopton

Technical Sales Executive
t: 01484 405940
e: Sam@firth-steels.co.uk
Current responsibilities

Roofing & Cladding Technical Support.
3D Product Design
Systems Administration
Product Enhancement
Project Co-ordination

Our ability to create, visualise and test 3D models enables us to quickly transform great ideas into great products

Kim Smart

Area Sales Manager
t: 01484 405955
e: kim@firth-steels.co.uk
Current Responsibilities

We have an experienced export department that can cope with all shipping and paperwork requirements. 


Mark Gray

Quality & Safety Manager
t: 01484 405940
e: mark@firth-steels.co.uk
Current Responsibilities



Beverley Taylor

Spring Steel & Accounts
t: 01484 405940
e: Bev@firth-steels.co.uk
Current Responsibilities
Order Management           
Customer Liaison
Transport Tracking
Stock Management
General Book-Keeping
Receivables and Payables Management

We are the UK’s leading stockist and distributor of spring steel products and supply these qualities both to the UK and all over the world. 


Phil Tollady

Area Sales Manager - North West
t: 01484 405955
e: Phil@firth-steels.co.uk
Current Responsibilities:

Customer Liaison
Sales of Roofing & Cladding Products
New Customer Identification
Product Diversification



Andrew Windle

Cladding Manager
t: 01484 405940
e: Andrew@firth-steels.co.uk
Current Responsibilities:
Roofing Project Requirements Analysis         
Roofing Customer Queries & Liaison
Pre-Paint Strip Material Purchasing
Pre-Paint Strip Material Management
General Office Manager

By sitting down and discussing with the client, we can find many ways of improving their original solution and produce efficiencies for them. 


Adele Pearson

Project Coordinator
t: 01484 405940
e: Adele@firth-steels.co.uk
Current Responsibilities
Project Management    
Order Management
Customer Liaison
Transport Tracking
Production Tracking
Stock Management
Excellent Analytical and Systems Skills

Most problems can be rectified with system or process improvement - this allows people to maintain more robust relationships within their organisation.


Tracey Windle

Export Administrator
t: 01484 405940
e: tracey@firth-steels.co.uk
Current Responsibilities
Order Managment               
Customer Liaison
Transport Tracking
Stock Management
Export Paperwork
Bills of Lading

We have an experienced export department that can cope with all shipping and paperwork requirements. 


We research, we design, we develop, we manufacture, we deliver, we install:


We discuss
your current steel product and look at what it is used for.


We provide
suitable alternatives that have significant weight and design advantages over the previous profile.


We look
at alternatives as to how to make that steel profile by roll-forming, pressing or other manufacturing techniques.
We work
with leading machinery manufacturers to get a solution that is efficient and works for us and the customer.

We order
the machinery, install into our works and start manufacturing your product for you and deliver anywhere in the UK and the World.


We continuously
look at ways of adding or improving service and features to your product


Firth Vision

To become the leading UK manufacturer of a well-diversified but focussed portfolio of structural steel profiles and products by innovation of not just the products themselves, but the processes that make them.

Firth Strengths

Our engineering capability for steel profile and roll-forming process design is second to none. This is backed up by years of experience in buying steel products, both in strip and long form.

Firth Values

We are a family owned company and therefore our values as to how we treat our staff, customers and suppliers is extremely important to us.