• Firth Steels

    Application for Protex® Approved Fabricator

    The Protex System by Firth Steels Ltd is a Built-up building envelope system, supplied by Firth Steels Ltd, covered by the 25 Year System Guarantee. All components approved for use within the system are sourced through the verified Protex Approved supply chain.

    The flashing and fabrications on the building are crucial to the buildings overall performance aesthetically, technically and to comply with relevant certification. To ensure compliance with all project and system requirements, a single Protex Approved fabricator will be agreed on all Protex Projects.

    Materials for each Protex Project must be ordered through FlatPlanet on an individual basis so full material and batch traceability is available through the supply chain, from the relevant mill through to the building owner through the Protex guarantee. FlatPlanet are the only supplier of flat sheet material certified for use within the Protex system.

    The review of flashings and fabrications are included within the regular site inspections carried out by Protex Approved Inspectors.

    To become a Protex Approved Fabricator please fill out the following form to start the assessment process.