Complete building envelope, uniquely designed, fully guaranteed.

The Protex® System is designed to be different.

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How your building works is up to you. We’re here to offer expertise, advice and choice. We go way beyond steel profiles, giving you the ability to select a range of elements to construct your ideal environment.

Protex® enables you to customise your building envelope to offer project specific design and performance enhancements.

From the ground up, we’re here to help you work with approved suppliers to achieve your ultimate specification, on time and on budget, making it easier for you and kinder on the planet.

Our world needs
things to last.

Build Your System

We work with industry leading partners to create a site assembled system from a catalogue of verified, tested, and approved components. Our carefully curated directory of Protex® Approved Suppliers and their specific product ranges, provides excellent customer service and specialist technical support. We will collectively work with the design team through to the site team to ensure the project runs efficiently throughout its life span.

Each component within the system can be uniquely specified to suit the individual projects requirements. Sustainability, fire, thermal and acoustic performance combined with a buildings use, location and surrounding environment will all impact the projects design requirements.

The ability for the contractor to maintain established relationships with trusted organisations, ensures a competitive edge and improved efficiency on site.

Together we can go so far.

The integration of industry leading suppliers into the Protex® family has enabled the creation of the Protex® Approved Scheme. With the combined expertise, customer service, and specialist products and manufacturing capability’s, Protex® Approved aims to provide a solution for every building envelope.

Approved through constant assessment and accreditation.

Protex® Approved aims to educate and encourage best practices across all aspects of the Protex® System. Working throughout the project team, from specification and design through to Main Contractor and Installation Teams, Protex® Approved aims to ensure each and every project is designed and installed to last.

Approved Contractors

  • Contractors sign up to our Protex® Contractors code of practice
  • Protex® training can be provided to both Office & Site teams
  • Comprehensive site audits are carried out on all Protex® projects

Approved Suppliers

  • Suppliers sign up to our Protex® Suppliers code of practice
  • Industry leading suppliers
  • Cutting edge components
  • Competitive edge on supply
  • Individual product warranty’s provided
  • Full technical support
  • Excellent customer service

Approved Fabricators

  • Fabricators sign up to our Protex® Fabricator code of practice
  • All fabricated items raw material sourced through Firth Steels
  • Ensure Quality & Performance match
  • Ensure colour consistency
  • Competitive edge
  • Regular facility and finished goods inspections