Innovating Steel products to ensure a sustainable future

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Enabling a circular economy.

  • Being perfectly suited for a circular economy, steel enables the reusage and recycling of many products.
  • Most steel has already been recycled, with the remainder on track to be recycled with no loss of its qualities


Firth Steels are recycling their by-products

Firth Steels also facilitates its customers in increasing their product sustainability. We advise our customers in the design of their products made from our steel therefore making use of the life cycle assessment.


A few facts about the life-cycle of steel:

  • The rate of recyclable steel depends on the end-use, but approximately 85% of steel, at the end of its initial useful life, is recycled.
  • Over 99% of steel from scrap cars is recycled.
  • Studies show that 94% of steel is recycled when a building is demolished.
  • 99% of structural steel is recycled or re-used when a building is demolished.
  • In Europe, over 70% of steel packaging is recycled, which is far greater than any other material used for packaging.